Magnetite powder

Magnetic Content -

Natural Magnetite Ore contains a mix of impurities viz. Hematite, Silica, Clay and other foreign elements which reduce performance of Magnetite while using in Coal Preparation Plant. It needs to remove all Non Magnetic Particles from Powdered Magnetite. This is very much clear from the studies carried out on impact of Magnetite quality on performance of Coal preparation Plant. Khetan udyog provides magnetite powder having minimum 90 % Magnetic Particles.

Particle Size -
Proper Particle size distribution is very important for maintaining Gravity of Coal Preparation Plant. This also impacts on consumption of Magnetite. As per study 90 % of total particles should pass thru 44µm (325 mesh) sieve. Magnetite Powder should also not have more than 30 % of ultrafine particles below 10µm
Khetan has got the facility to powder Magnetite Ore in optimum size with help of modern classifying cyclones. Khetan ensures that high grade magnetite is extracted from best available raw magnetite ore. Serious check on quality is done to ensure that right material reaches our coustomer. Our company is fully devoted to offer best quality product to suit the coal beneficiation plants needs. Company is constantly engaged for the betterment of the product. Time is the essence of our business. We ensure High Grade magnetite reaches our customers as and when demanded by them.

Specific gravity-
Khetan offers high gravity magnetite of around 5.1 which minimizes magnetite consumption in the coal beneficiation plants. Magnetite manufactured by Khetan udyog is highly appreciated by its customers. Khetan has embarked its presence in this field since a decreed.
It is near to impossible to maintain required magnetic contain & gravity using Low Grade Magnetite. Result is:

  • unable to get required gravity to run the plant
  • heavy consumption of Magnetite
  • no control on clean coal and ash

Khetan udyog is wholly devoted towards quality and value-addition. Khetan udyog has got modern facility of beneficiation of Magnetite. Magnetite Produced by Khetan udyog is a high grade magnetite powder and most suitable product for Coal Preparation Plants.