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Advantages of Telescopic Channels over Wheel Slides

Finding the perfect runners for your furniture drawers and domestic appliances becomes a little difficult when you have so many options on the table. You can find a variety of furniture hardware fittings and fixtures, but do you know which one to take to give your drawers the functionality you want? Stop swinging between a yes and a no, and let us offer you a little help.

Khetan Telescopic channels for drawers are the ones the majority of people go for to give their drawers an awesome functioning. Wheel slides are another option people invest in when choosing the best furniture fittings hardware. 

But there has always been a constant debate about which one is better: Telescopic channels or wheel slides. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of telescopic channels over wheel slides. Before moving on to that part, let us first take a look at the brief definition of both the furniture and hardware.

Telescopic Channels

Telescopic channels are the fittings that are mounted on the sides of the drawers and move on the ball-bearing slides. The channels have an excellent weight carrying capacity of up to 45 kg and are backed with a soft-closing mechanism that prolongs the working life of the drawers. If you want to add incredible functionality to your kitchen drawers, going for these fittings can be your best course of action. 

The soft-closing feature in telescopic channels and their anti-tilt function ensure that any drawer stays closed when not in use. They are specially designed with a roll-out and pull-out guard that makes the drawers easy to open & close and efficient to use. The channels will add another level of functionality and comfort to your kitchen, making you work with ease.

These furniture fittings are widely used in India and have proved their worth by adding modern features to any kitchen. They are available at affordable prices, making them highly cost-effective for anyone who is looking to uplift the functionality of their home.

Wheel Slides

Wheel Slides, also referred to as drawer slides, are the furniture hardware fittings that enable individual drawers to smoothly slide in and out of the drawer unit, making it easier for users to access the objects. The slides ensure a hassle-free movement of drawers and make them efficient to use.

Advantages of Telescopic Channels Over Wheel Slides

Telescopic channels got an edge over ordinary wheel slides in the following ways:

  • The channels have ball-bearings that help reduce friction and ensure the hassle-free opening and closing of doors.
  • The channels keep the drawers in their respective slot and do not make the drawer fall out. On the contrary, wheel slides do not prevent this.
  • The channels allow the drawers to be fully drawn out. On the other hand, in the wheel slides, only 80% of the drawer can be drawn out.
  • Telescopic channels have a higher load-bearing capacity as compared to wheel slides. The channels can carry up to 45 kg of weight, whereas wheel slides can not withstand heavy weight. This means that you can put more things in your drawers that are backed heavyweight with telescopic channels.
  • Telescopic channels also serve their application in large drawers that are as deep as 36”. While on the other hand, wheel slides cannot be used in drawers that are deeper than 24”.
  • Telescopic channels are available in different types based on their size and design which makes them a better choice for your furniture.


Telescopic channels are small devices that simplify the motion of drawers. They are mounted using a small set of wheels that are attached to the exterior sides of drawers. The channels smoothen the opening & closing function of drawers and reduce damage to them. You can get these slides in different materials like stainless steel, plastic, and aluminium. Apart from this, the channels can be availed in light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty options so that you can uplift the working of your every-sized drawer.

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