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Applications of our Drawer Slides in the Medical sector

Khetan Udyog has developed telescopic slides for demanding medical industry applications.

The activity of the people in the medical world has never been so intense with the health crisis that emerged in 2019! More than ever, the need for efficient, safe and reliable medical equipment is crucial, and manufacturing companies around the world are mobilising to contribute their know-how.

Khetan Udyog is proud to maintain a relationship of trust with many medical equipment manufacturers. From medicine storage trolleys to hospital sliding doors, our translation solutions have been used to manufacture many essential products.

We present the use of our products in the following different applications, helping healthcare workers on the front line!

1 – Drawer for drug storage

Do you need to create a drawer to store medicines in a cabinet or fridge? That’s our core business!

The Khetan Telescopic Slides are ideal for this type of mounting! As standard, we offer folded lengths from 150 mm up to 900 mm! Available in three types of extensions (partial, total extension or over-extension) you can adapt its travel to your needs!

The load that our slides can support ranges in kilos (ideal for supporting the weight of medicine boxes) and for ultra heavy loads! The loads are indicated for mounting on major axis and per pair of slides!

The slides are made of anodised aluminium, galvanised steel or all stainless steel. Stainless steel slides are required in pharmaceutical environments! We can also offer specific treatments to harden our telescopic slides and thus guarantee the quality of our hinges over time!

2 -Medical bed

You are certainly familiar with the working principle of hospital beds. And you have already noticed the peculiarity of these beds that can be raised, whose backrests can be raised or whose armrests (of beds and chairs) can be lowered.

Our  Khetan Telescopic Slides are installed on these devices!

We specialise in heavy to ultra-heavy loads and our hinges can then support up to more than a tonne per pair of slides! Whether it is for hospital beds, recovery room beds or outpatient beds or stretchers, we are present wherever the equipment for healthcare personnel is indispensable!

3 – Emergency vehicle

Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and vehicles for transporting people with reduced mobility or the handicapped, all these emergency vehicles must be equipped with sliding drawers and lifts to optimise the space or with ramps to facilitate instant access to the various equipment!

Khetan Udyog is constantly working with the nursing staff and industrial bodywork specialists to innovate and meet their needs!

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