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Gas Spring and Hydraulic Door Closer

Door closer are something people consider it as least needed. But it is a wrong assumption because your door health is depending on the door closer you choose. So, it is not something you should choose at the last moment.

There are multiple door closer available in the market but Khetan Udyog Gas spring and hydraulic door closer are making their best names with the advantages of 40 years of successful manufacturing journey. Khetan Udyog is introducing the best quality Gas spring and Hydraulic door closer with international standards.

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When you are choosing a door closer, you should keep in mind about some aspects such as the size of the door, door weight, door placement, regularity of closing and opening the door, mounting of the door, backswing, and building configuration.

So, let’s quickly jump to understand what are these two door closer with their individual advantages.

Hydraulic Door Closer and their benefits

Hydraulic Door Closure

Hydraulic Door Closer have their own fame in the market because of their enormous benefits. It basically operates (closes) automatically after the door has opened. These are used with modern door setups which makes the place quieter and easier. Using automatically closing type doors prevents banging and slamming doors with unhealthy noise.

When the door is opened, an efficient spring inside the equipment is compressed and tightened when the door is opened and released while closing the door automatically. An absorbing medium is used in this particular device to make this automatic and that is called medium. So, the medium used in the Hydraulic door closer is a fluid.

Hydraulic doors are quite expensive as well as hard to install.

Gas Spring/Pneumatic closer and their benefits

Gas Spring

Gas spring closer is automatic as same as hydraulic door closer but come with lesser price than it. These are generally in cylindrical shape with a leather piston inside. This piston let a cushion of air out before the door closes automatically.

Gas or air is used as the medium in this type of door closer. The primary advantage of this closer is that it doesn’t require much maintenance but comes with multiple parts. Piston, seals, and attachments are significant parts of Gas spring closer and they are enclosed in a cylinder.

Gas spring door closer are long-lasting as they do not require any oil filling or lubrication. In this particular type of door closer, there is a fixable screw to help to adjust the speed of the swinging door.

Both types of door closer are used in homes, workplaces, or any other places that have modern interiors. Both door closer come offer swinging ability to doors with their own closing speed. Both types are normally handy and well-equipped.

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