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What are the Uses of Hinges.?

“Big doors swing on little hinges” – W. Clement Stone. From this quote, it can concur that even though hinges are small they shoulder heavy responsibilities. This blog will highlight the uses and benefits of hinges in your home or office furniture. A hinge is just a joint that connects two objects allowing a swinging motion, where one object is movable while the other is fixed.

A hinge is utilised in exterior or interior doors of your home, kitchen cabinets, and in some cases in certain window structures. There are different kinds of hinges for different types of doors, cabinets, or other openings.  Hinges play a very vital role in keeping your door in its right position. While cabinet doors will have cabinet hinges, the other type of door will have door hinges. Under the above broader segments, there are further specific hinge options depending upon different styles, budget, and need.  

Door hinges are the hardware elements to fix a door to its frame. The hinge is the pivot point for closing or opening the door in your home or office. Irrespective of whether you are installing a brand new door or replacing the old one, hinges play a crucial role. The different types of hinges are Butt Hinge, Ball Bearing Hinge, Spring-Loaded Butt Hinge, Rising Butt Hinge, Barrell Hinge, Concealed Hinge, Knife (Pivot) Hinge, Overlay Hinge, Offset Hinge, Piano Hinge, Strap Hinge, etc.

At Khetan Udyog, we provide bespoke hardware fitting solutions for all your needs. Our offerings span expertise, convenience, and solution-based experience. Various Architectural Hardware Fittings accompanied with elegant and sturdy furniture make your dream nest the best place to relax. It is not just the functionality but also the aptness and the need it fulfils.

The benefits of hinges are multi-fold as they serve the primary function of movement of the furniture it is attached to.

A hinge has the following benefits:

  • Suitable for interior and exterior doors
  • The high corrosion resistance material
  • High durability
  • Friction resistance
  • Suitable for fire-rated doors

The type of hinge that you need depends on the type of door, door weight, clearance space, and location. The door requires the type of hinge to be durable and isn’t prone to rust or corrosion. Hinges also are a necessity when it comes to design aesthetics. Although they serve the primary purpose of movement, they have the additional functionality of staying concealed and in some cases – semi-concealed.

It is very convenient to identify the right type of hinges when you consider whether is it for interior or exterior purposes. Whether it is for your cabinets, drawers or doors. We hope this blog has helped you gain relevant insights on how to pick the right hinge solutions. Check out the latest and the right kind of Architectural Hardware Fittings from Khetan Udyog. When you think of hinges – think of Khetan Group, a place where the world comes to shop for home or office furniture and hardware fittings and accessories!

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