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Comparison between Regular and Soft-Close Hinges

Hinges are devices used to connect two objects of a limited angle of rotation.  As hinges are essential devices used to join two parts; hence, they would have to be long-lasting and durable.  Khetan Auto Hinges are made up of fine materials with excellent workmanship involved, to serve their primary purpose.

Regular & Soft Close Hinges

Hinges are connected between two objects with a limited angle of rotation between them.  They serve as a forerunner for furniture fittings, wardrobe fittings, and modular kitchen fittings. The typical range of hinges includes speciality hinges, glass door hinges, Regular/Euro series or Regular hinges and Soft-close hinges.  Both regular hinges and soft close hinges have to be highly durable.  It is very essential that a durable door hinge should be made of fine materials and workmanship. The usage of a hinge depends on the attached supporting material.  Having the best functional and supportive door hinges could ease your work.

If you are planning to renovate, redecorate, or set up a new kitchen for your home, then your focus has to be on door hinges for kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors.

Regular-hinges or normal-close hinges are the kinds of hinges that have a spring-based system built into them.  In regular hinges, at some point, a spring-based system takes over and pulls the cabinet door when it is being closed.  This auto-pull action that takes place will trigger after the door is closed to some extent, to about 45 degrees.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Regular hinges:

  • They are reliable and pocket-friendly.
  • The disadvantage of using Regular-hinges is that they close with a tap/or a bang; hence, you need to be careful while handling them as when negligent, you could end up hurting your fingers.
  • With multiple choices available, the soft-close hinges are indeed incomparable to other hinges.  Its utilization in modular kitchen fittings, as well as wardrobe fittings, is extensive.

Working of Soft Close Hinges:

A soft-close hinge is a cabinet hinge that makes use of a mechanical mechanism that allows the cupboard or cabinet door to close gently without slamming into the frame. The soft close hinge supports a slow opening and closing action; thereby, avoiding the associated noise when compared to other kinds of cabinet hinges.  The mechanical system works such that it facilitates smooth door closing avoiding the doors from crashing into the frame.  Soft close hinges are perfectly suited for modular kitchen cabinet door fittings.

Advantages of Soft-Close Hinges:

The benefits of both concealed hinges and auto hinges that you opt for remain the same and are mentioned below.

  • Improves the cabinet life.  As slamming is reduced you could be assured of longevity without the need for replacement.
  • A higher level of safety.  The use of soft auto hinges for cabinet doors improves the movement thus reducing the chances of any injury.
  • Quiet and peaceful operation.  This function is appropriate for those who close the doors with force, or who prefer less noise when being operated.
  • High-end aesthetic.  It dominates the overall appearance of cabinets making your cupboard look more sophisticated.
  • Adds value to your home.  Soft-close hinges serve as a perfect solution in the selection for wardrobe fittings and modular kitchen fittings.

Today, there are various hinges options available such as glass hinges or hydraulic hinges.  Hydraulic hinge is recommended for cabinets, wardrobe fittings, bookrack for home or office use, and closets.  To redesign your kitchen, and add new cabinets and drawers; soft-close hinges from Khetan Udyog would be the best option.  Khetan Udyog is the best place to offer you a wide choice of Regular & Soft Close Hinges, auto hinges, hydraulic hinges; etc, at the most affordable prices, to ensure adding beauty to your kitchen.

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