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Utilities of Telescopic Channel in Residential Sector

Telescopic channels are making noise in the global market as their demand is rapidly increasing in the residential as well as commercial sectors. Such increasing consumer demand is due to today’s increase in consumer preference for designing their modular kitchens.

According to the survey conducted in 2018, North America is upfront in the global telescopic market in terms of revenue and this will continue due to the continuing demand for smart homes in the country.
The utility of telescopic channels is increasing because it is solving an old drawer problem by making drawers to function in a smooth way. Now, let’s see how this small piece of equipment is becoming one of the consumer’s most preferred in the residential sector.

Today, the modern generation dreams to live in an environment that is beautifully designed with modern types of equipment. Drawers cover most parts of the interiors in such cases. For instance, drawers are used for storing a variety of utilitarian things. So, they are necessary mainly in the kitchen, then in the hall, bedrooms, and store rooms. Using drawers with telescopic channels attached makes the place safe, and easy to use with a modern look.

Khetan Udyog has introduced telescopic channels with premium quality for demanding residential applications. They are well-suitable for almost all weights usable in residential spaces. Over the past 40 years, Khetan Udyog has been successful in maintaining a good relationship with interior designers and product manufacturers.

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