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What is Drywall Screw? – Benefits, Types, and Installation

Khetan Udyog Drywall screws have become the standard elements to secure wallboard or sheets. The nails that were used before used to leave an ugly small hole on the walls, but these drywall screws have come up with the advantage of having better grip and tightness. They provide long-lasting benefits when installed.

You don’t need to drill a hole prior to installing drywall screws since these are self-tapping fasteners. They can be installed quickly and easily without making any damage to the sheets or walls.

Dry wall screw

Advantages of using Khetan Udyog drywall screws

They are quick and easy to install and remove if needed. Power drills are the main reason why drywall screws come with lots of benefits. Since magnetically attracted to the metal tip, it makes easily installs the screws. The best benefit is that even removing the screw does not make much damage.

Since the power drill is not danger as a hammer to screws, drywall screws safely get injected into walls or any base on which they need to be fixed.

Drywall screw come with threads over them and they help securely instilled on wood materials or metal sheets. Drywall screws and a power drill are handy. They can be fixed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone easily.

Types of Drywall Screws

There is no single universal screw that can fit for all purposes. So, they come in different sizes and patterns.

1. W drywall screws

Generally, this type of screw is used in woodwork. They are designed with wide coarse threads which can be easily installed on wood materials.

2. S drywall screws

They are usually used to secure drywall screw on steel materials. They have a sharp head that makes it easier to pass through hard materials.

How to install a Drywall Screw?

Installing drywall screws is faster with modern technology. Any normal person with a power drill can install it with no one’s help. While installing drywall, place a drywall screw on the base or area on which you want to install it.

You need to apply some moderate pressure over power drill (with a screw anchor with it) and twist a bit. The wide threads started moving in and you should keep applying pressure over the power drill. Otherwise, the power drill with a drywall anchor simply digs a hole on the surface. Continue this until the drywall screw is inside the wall.

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