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How to Fix Broken Drawer Slides

Cabinet drawers see a lot of activity over the years. Whether they’re holding kitchen
supplies, hardware tools, or an assortment of random items, drawers bear a great deal of
weight and haphazard use. One day the drawer starts to jam or bind, makes a grinding noise
or just plum won’t budge. At that point, it’s clear that you need to investigate and fix the
problem with your drawer slides. It’s easy for a misguided slamming of a drawer or general
overuse to cause the drawers to stop working properly. Learn about the common problems
that break down drawer slides and how to remedy these issues with some easy fixes.
Bent or misshapen sections
After emptying the content of your drawers and carefully removing the drawer itself,
examine the slides. If you see any bent or misshapen spots, look at the extent of the
damage. Oftentimes, the bend can be smoothed out by re-shaping the slide. First, you’ll
have to carefully remove the slides from the drawer and drawer box. Use pliers to reshape
the drawer slides and smooth out any warped areas. Clean and replace the slides, and you
should have a functioning drawer again.
Loose screws
Screws can often come loose over time. When drawer slides aren’t attached to the sides (or
bottom) of your drawer properly, the drawer won’t move smoothly anymore. Consider the
condition of your drawer slides before pursuing this next step. If they’re in good condition
and the screws are the sole problem, get some wood glue before re-tightening the screws.
Put some wood glue in the hole and tighten the screws for a seamless and secure
Use cleaner
Drawer slides gather dust and debris just like all the other forgotten crevices in your home.
Maybe the drawers aren’t sliding in and out as easily as before. If there is no major damage
to be discovered, the drawer slides might just need some cleaning. Remove the drawer box
and examine the slides. Use a basic cleaning spray and a rag to wipe down the slides and
ensure they’re clean. Your drawers should be running smoothly after that.
Roller wheels
The roller wheels to the slides are essential for smooth running, especially with soft-closing
or self-close drawer slides. If the wheels are just roughed up or mildly damaged, some
grease and cleaning should put the wheel back into to normal rolling shape. However if the
wheel has been worn down to a more flat edge, or if it’s completely broken, you’ll need to
completely replace your drawer slides. The roller wheels are riveted to the body of the slide
and cannot be replaced individually.

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