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Khetan group is a manufacturer and global supplier of processed cenosphere. We manufacturer clean and graded cenosphere which have high compressive strength. Their light gray color consistency will always give you the result you expect. Our cenosphere provide all the benefits you would expect from a microsphere and can improve the properties and performance of many formulated products.

Products Range

Product CodeTD 75TD 80TD 85TD 90TD 95
True DensityBelow 0.75 g/ccBelow 0.80 g/ccBelow 0.85 g/ccBelow 0.90 g/ccBelow 0.95 g/cc

Product Size (above products are available in below sizes)

500 microns250 microns180 microns150 microns106 microns500 – 106 microns


Other than this size we can provide customized particle size according to the customer’s requirement.

Physical Properties

Chemical Properties

Sinkers5 % Max
Moisture1 % Max
Bulk Density(KG/M3)350 – 450
Compressive Strength180 – 280(Kg/cm2)
Color Light GreyLight white
Oil Absorption16-18 G/100G
Melting Point1350C
Hardness(Moh’s)5 – 6
PH in water6 – 7


Sio252-64 %
Al2o332-36 %
Cao0.1-0.5 %
K2o1.2-2.2 %
Fe2o31-2 %
Tio20.8-1.2 %
Mgo1-2 %
Na2o1-2 %


Telescopic Channel
Auto hinges
Stainless Steel Pipe
Silica Ramming Mass & Tundish Board
Magnetite Powder
Quartz Powder