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Khetan Udyog Drywall screws  are made with hardened materials with deeper threads. Hardened material makes it easy to fit than regular screws, which prevents them from dislodging or breaking easily. These screws will require a power screwdriver to drill them into the Material. In addition, Khetan Udyog screws are often used along with plastic plug on the walls that help distribute the weight of the hung object evenly over the surface. The drywall screws are  applied directly on surfaces such as for plywood, MDF, HDF, Particle board, multi-wood fixing and installation of cabins, wardrobes, kitchen units plastic, thin metal sheets and all type of furniture products fixing and handle fixing.

The screws threads are clear & deep which has a good fastening effect that gives great strength and durability. Environment Friendly: Not only these screws are made from non toxic elements and is mercury – free. My this the company is concerned about environmental protection and keeping the environment mercury-free and toxic-free ..


Key Features :
Fine thread
Self Tapping
European Anti - rust coating
Sizes available
13 mm to 100mm
Quick penetration into light gauge metal
High Strength Mild Steel
Dry Wall Screw


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