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Unveiling Efficiency: The Ingenious World of Khetan’s Telescopic Channel Solutions

In the realm of efficiency and innovation, Khetan’s telescopic channel solutions stand tall, revolutionizing the way industries operate. These telescopic channels, crafted with precision and expertise, offer a seamless blend of functionality and versatility, catering to a myriad of needs across various sectors. Picture a scenario where storage spaces are optimized to perfection, thanks to … Read more

Utilities of Telescopic Channel in Residential Sector

Telescopic channels are making noise in the global market as their demand is rapidly increasing in the residential as well as commercial sectors. Such increasing consumer demand is due to today’s increase in consumer preference for designing their modular kitchens. According to the survey conducted in 2018, North America is upfront in the global telescopic … Read more

How to Fix Broken Drawer Slides

How to Fix Drawer Slides

Cabinet drawers see a lot of activity over the years. Whether they’re holding kitchensupplies, hardware tools, or an assortment of random items, drawers bear a great deal ofweight and haphazard use. One day the drawer starts to jam or bind, makes a grinding noiseor just plum won’t budge. At that point, it’s clear that you … Read more