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Hydraulic Door Closer: Everything You Need to Know About Installation and Maintenance

Do you ever get annoyed when doors slam shut or don’t close duly? Well, a hydraulic door closer might just be your new stylish friend! In this blog post, we’re going to explore everything about hydraulic door closers, from what they are to how to install and maintain them.  

What Is a Hydraulic Door Closer? 

It’s a spring-loaded mechanical device which is filled with a hydraulic fluid, usually special oil, which dampens the door swing and automatically controls  the speed and force with which a door closes.That’s what a hydraulic door closure does, so you don’t have to worry about slamming doors presently. 

Why Use a Hydraulic Door Closer? 

Why should you watch these widgets? Well, hydraulic door closers make life a lot easier. They help in 

  • Precluding door Slams: No more loud noises or damaged doors. 
  • perfecting Safety: Ensures doors close behind you, which is great for security.
  • Saving Energy: Keeps the temperature inside steady by making sure doors stay closed.

Types of Hydraulic Door Closers 

There are many different kinds of hydraulic door closers, each suited for different doors and requirements. Let’s check them out! 

  • Outflow Door Closers: These are the most common types. They’re mounted on the top of the door and frame. 
  • Floor Spring Door Closers: These are installed in the bottom and are generally used for heavy
  • doors like glass doors. 
  • Concealed Door Closers: These are hidden inside the door or frame, making them unnoticeable when the door is closed. Cool, right? 

How Does a Hydraulic Door Closer Work? 

A hydraulic door closer has a spring and a special liquid called hydraulic fluid. When you open the door, the spring stretches. When you let go, the spring pushes the door back to its unrestricted position, but the hydraulic fluid controls the speed, making sure it doesn’t slam shut. 

Parts of a Hydraulic Door Closer

Now let’s take a peep inside a hydraulic door closer 

  • Body: The main part that holds everything together. 
  • Arm: This connects the near to the door and frame. 
  • Spring: The part that makes the door close. 
  • Hydraulic Fluid: This controls the speed of the ending door. 

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Door Closer 

Not all door closers are the same. Then’s how to pick the right one for you 

  • Door Weight: Heavier doors need stronger closers. 
  • Door operation: High-business doors( like in seminaries) need further durable closers. 
  • Environment: Outdoor doors need closers that can handle rainfall changes. 

Tools You Need for Installation 

Before we start installing, let’s gather our tools. You’ll need 

  • A drill 
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Screws 
  • Measuring tape recording 
  • A pencil 

A Step-by-step guide to Install Hydraulic Door Closer

Ready to install your hydraulic door closer? Let’s do this! 

Prepare the Door and Frame 

  • Clean the area where you’ll install the near. 
  • Measure and mark where the closer will go. 

Attach the near to the Door 

  • Drill holes according to your marks. 
  • squinch the near body onto the door. 

Connect the Arm to the Frame 

  • Attach the arm to the near body. 
  • Secure the other end of the arm to the door frame. 

Acclimate the Speed and Pressure 

  • Use the adaptation screws on the near to set how fast or slow you want the door to close. 

Common Installation miscalculations to Avoid 

  • Wrong Positioning: Make sure you measure rightly. 
  • Incorrect Arm Length: The arm shouldn’t be too short or too long. 
  • Ignoring adaptations: Acclimate the near for the perfect speed. 

How to Maintain Your Hydraulic Door Closer 

Keeping your door closer in tip-top shape is easy!

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe off dust and dirt regularly.
  • Checking for Leaks: If you see any oil leaking, it’s time for a check-up.
  • Lubricating Moving Parts: A little oil goes a long way in keeping things smooth.

The signs that your door closer needs maintenance 

  • Door Slams Shut: Might need adjustment or oil.
  • Door Doesn’t Close Fully: This could be a blockage or need for adjustment.
  • Door Closer Leaks: Time to replace or repair.

Troubleshooting Common Problems 

Door Slams Shut 

  • Acclimate the speed screws. 
  • Check for leaks in the hydraulic fluid. 

Door Doesn’t Close Completely 

  • Check for obstructions. 
  • Acclimate the pressure spring. 

Door Closer Leaks 

  •  Replace the hydraulic fluid or get a new near. 

The benefits of proper installation and maintenance 

When your door closer is installed and maintained well, you get 

  • Longer Lifespan: It lasts longer!
  • Better Performance: It works smoothly.
  • Safety: No slamming doors = safer environment. 

Why Choose Khetan Group Hydraulic Door Closers? 

When it comes to Hydraulic Door closers, why settle for anything lower than the stylish? Khetan Group offers a superior selection of closers, designed for continuity, performance, and ease of use. This is why Khetan Group should be your top choice 

Unmatched Quality Khetan Group hydraulic door closers are manufactured with the finest finishings and accurate quality control processes. You can be confident that your Khetan Group closer will give lasting smooth operation. 

Wide Variety Khetan Group offers a wide range of Door closers to suit any operation. From standard overhead closers to concealed closers for a satiny look, Khetan Group has the perfect near for your requirements. 

Expert Support Khetan Group’s knowledgeable team is always happy to help you choose the right gear for your design and give expert installation guidance. 

Benefits of Khetan Group Hydraulic Door Closers 

Khetan Group hydraulic door closers offer a multitude of benefits, including 

  • Reduced Noise: No more loud door slams! Khetan Group closers ensure a peaceful environment. 
  • Enhanced Safety: Khetan Group closers guarantee doors close securely behind you, perfecting security. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Khetan Group closers help maintain harmonious inner temperatures by precluding drafts from open doors. 

Where to Buy Khetan Group Hydraulic Door Closers 

Khetan Group hydraulic door closers are available through a network of authorized distributors

across the country. Visit the Khetan Group website( ) to find a dealer near you. 


Hydraulic door closers are amazing little biases that make our lives so much easier. They keep doors closing still and safely, saving us from loud slams and implicit injuries. By installing and maintaining them correctly, we ensure they work impeccably for times to come. 

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